Melissa Etheridge talks to Oprah – but doesn’t reveal much


When Melissa Etheridge chose Oprah as her venue for discussing her breakup with Tammy Lynn Michaels, I figured she would put a positive spin on things and reveal very little.

Sure enough, Melissa avoided saying anything negative about Tammy, calling the split “as mutual as those things can be.” Which probably means that it’s not at all mutual.

Etheridge told Oprah that she feels like the breakup is a learning experience for her.

“As I’ve gone through this life, having gone through breast cancer almost six years ago now, [I’ve learned] that it’s about evolving. I feel like now I’m walking my life. I’m realizing that I’m no good to anyone else unless I’m completely in love with myself and good with myself.”

Here’s a clip:


Don’t you love Melissa’s reaction when Oprah asks if women who break up have more understanding and less fighting? I wish.

Friday, after the interview aired, Tammy posted to her blog, Hollywood Farm Girl, and implied that readers might not want to trust what they hear.

this will be the only place

where you will get the truth

Hollywood Farm Girl

is the only one

who gets

it right

who won’t spin

won’t lie

won’t act like there was


and that’s all.

She has softened the post a bit since then and it now reads (in the same poetry-style format), “this will be the only place, where you will get the truth, OF Hollywood Farm Girl, is AT Hollywood Farm Girl – that reminds me of a muppet skit – no spin, no drift, i hope to clarify sometimes, that’s all.”

She also has deleted a few previous posts about trouble in the relationship. Perhaps we’ll hear more from her in days to come, especially when the film Nicest Thing finally makes it to the big screen.

In any case, we don’t know much more about the split than we did before Melissa’s interview. We do know, however, that her new album, Fearless Love, releases Tuesday and, as she told Rolling Stone, “rocks harder than I’ve rocked in years.” And we probably will learn a lot more from the lyrics than we ever will in an interview.

Did you see Melissa on Oprah? What did you think?

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