“United States of Tara” mini-cap: The doctor is in


I once had therapist who wanted me to visualize that a person from my past was in an empty chair. I was supposed to say whatever I needed to say to the person — but I just couldn’t get past the fact that I was talking to a chair. That’s probably how Max felt when Dr. Shoshana Schoenbaum asked him to talk to an invisible Tara. Only, Shoshana is Tara, or at least inhabits Tara’s body, so the only possible response is the one Max had: “F–k, f–k, f–k.”

We’ve talked about creator Diablo Cody‘s intention to explore co-consciousness during this season of United States of Tara. For the first time, Tara is aware of what happens with an alter — she and Shoshana interact, in a way, apparently taking turns being in control. Tara meets Shoshana on the way to bail Max out from jail.

The impromptu therapy session makes Tara late to pick up Max, so Neil bails him out and takes him to their favorite bar — the one where Pammy (whom Kate calls “Mom’s Lesbyterian gal pal”) works.

As Max leaves the bar, he decides to have a word with Pammy. The exchange made me love Pammy all the more — and is one of my favorite scenes of the season.

Max: You know that little thing you had with my wife?

Pammy: I don’t know your wife. I have a thing for Buck.

Max: Right … Buck. Tara feels real bad about what happened between you two. Her disease gets her into some hot water now and then, never a dull moment. Anywhoo, I just want to thank you for not taking advantage of her in her fragile state. (He gives her a $50 bill.)

Pammy: What is this?

Max: Consider that a tip.

Pammy: (Shoves the fifty in Max’s pocket.) Your wife … she tastes like rain … and sometimes kiwi fruit … and once she tasted like a penny.


By the end of the episode, Max decides that perhaps talking to a therapist is a good idea after all, even if the doctor is his wife. As Max and Shoshanna talk, Tara takes a seat outside the door. All she can do is wait — a powerful image.

In other gay, Marshall’s coming out to himself and his family was much more successful than his attempt to break up with Courtney (Kate’s pet name for her is “Jungle Snatch”). You can catch up on his storyline at AfterElton.com. (One note: Moosh and Kate were laughing not because life is so depressing, but because they were stoned. Which, granted, is close to the same thing.)

What did you think of this week’s United States of Tara?

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