An interview with the cast of “The Real L Word”


While they’ve been busy filming the show for the past six months — including stops in Palm Springs at Club Skirts The Dinah — we haven’t heard much from the cast of Showtime’s upcoming L Word reality series spin-off. Making one of their first public appearances in promoting The Real L Word half of the cast — Tracy (the newbie), Mikey (the queen of L.A. Fashion Week) and Rose (the lothario who inspired the L Word character Papi) — worked the red carpet at Saturday’s 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards in L.A. and checked in with to talk about being bad, their least-favorite moments and address on the show’s apparent lack of diversity. Which L Word character are you most like and why?

Who do you guys think I am?

Mikey: I think you’re Max. [Laughs.]

Rose: Nikki and Jill are definitely Bette and Tina. Whitney, we all decided, is definitely Shane.

Tracy: [Rose] is obviously Papi

Rose: But I’m reforming myself!

AE: What are you doing to reform yourself?

I’m trying to stay with one girl for more than one day.

AE: And how’s that going?

You’ll see on the show!

AE: What about you, Mikey? You got engaged to your girlfriend at L.A. Fashion Week.

Yep! But I don’t know who I best resemble. I don’t really know where I fit in.

AE: You kind of have the Alice thing going with your interest in fashion.

Really? I would take that, I’d totally go for the funny.

Tracy: I think I’m a little Helena and a little [Elizabeth] Keener.

AE: What’s your least favorite moment that we’ll see on the show?

Getting caught doing bad things. They’re not as bad as you’d expect though.

AE: Rate it on the L Word scale: Is it Bette-going-to-jail bad or Shane-being-chased-by-angry-bridesmaids bad?

Actually, it’s a little bit of everything because I’m bad in all aspects!

Mikey: My least-favorite moment was definitely being hungover — a couple times. I would just tell [the producers] I had a cold.

Tracy: I think I cried a couple of times. I’m not that sensitive though; I’m strong like a bull.

AE: When first posted the news of the show and your bios, a lot of the comments were about the lack of diversity among the cast and an imbalance in terms of the butch-femme dynamic. What do you think of that?

When you watch the show, obviously you see us here on the red carpet, but you’re going to see Tracy played down a little, hanging out with her family. It’s the same thing with me. You’re going to see us more diverse. Now is there butch-femme, this-that? Yeah.

Tracy: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody is going off one picture about whether they’re butch or femme and putting a label on that. I think lesbians are for some reason the quickest to judge. I’m not sure why. We’re hoping to break stereotypes in that way. I consider myself feminine but I ride a skateboard and throw a football farther than probably anyone in here. So am I butch or femme? I don’t know. I have a masculine energy. It’s sort of a silly question to me in a weird way.

AE: Mikey, what do you think? You’re the one being labeled the butch of the group.

And I am. I am butch, and let everybody know that. I’m butcher than Whitney, too. [Laughs]

The Real L Word debuts on Showtime on June 20.

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