Piper Perabo fights and flirts in the “Covert Affairs” trailer


So far in films we’ve seen Piper Perabo romance Lena Headey, romance Jessica Paré, dance on bars in leather pants and talk to Chihuahuas (though, we’re all trying to forget that last one). But what we haven’t really seen yet is her kick some major ass. That is, until now.

The new trailer for Piper’s USA series Covert Affairs has been released and we get to see Action Piper take control. Piper plays Annie Walker, a CIA trainee fluent in six languages who gets plucked out of the academy and into the field a month before completing her training. From the looks of things, her first day was a doozy.

So, let’s break down the key points in the trailer.

1. She runs! She jumps! No, she really jumps!

2. She can fight and flirt.

3. She looks amazing in suit.

Well, consider me sold. Joining her is Ugly Betty alum Christopher Gorham as a blind CIA intelligence officer who guides her through the system, The O.C. dad Peter Gallagher as the CIA Director of Clandestine Services and House vet Anne Dudek as her sister. The series premieres in July.

There’s also some business about her mysterious ex-boyfriend who has piqued the interest of her CIA bosses. But I’d really rather keep the memory of Piper kissing Lena intact. So we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen. So, what do you think? Does Covert Affairs look like a winner?

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