“FlashForward” mini-cap (1.15): “Queen Sacrifice”


FlashForward fans, are you ready for the biggest shocker on the show thus far? I hope you are, because it happened on episode 15 and it’s really, really good. But before we get to the kicker, a quick recap of the goose/mole/Frost chase that happened in “Queen Sacrifice.”

Mark Benford has lost sight of the motto “family comes first,” and, since the Mosaic investigation has consumed his life, he has no choice but to take a teensy break from his gorgeous wife Olivia and daughter Charlie — probably not by choice. Before he leaves to stay with his boss’s family, Charlie gives him a “protective” bracelet, which Mark recognizes from his vision of “bad guys” trying to kill him.

Back from their excursion to Somalia, the team is in the office, watching the found video tape of Dyson Frost/D. Gibbons from the past to the future. He says, “If you’re watching this message in 2010, that means the global blackout was successful,” and they all survived his shootout in Utah. How does he know this? Why, he’s had hundreds of flashforwards over long spans of time, and each one tells him that he is to die on March 15, the same doomsday as Demetri’s. He speaks of the “endgame” (he’s a chess nerd, remember?) of the collision course of their fates, and tells Mark that the next move is his. Mark and Wedeck take it to mean that flashforwards are just possibilities rather than a death sentence, and Mark’s next move is to find Dyson Frost — yesterday.

Mark discovers a Morse Code from Frost’s “queen sacrifice” chess matches, revealing a 10-digit number for a pre-paid cell phone, and when he calls it, a mail box from Frost says, “Well done. Leave a message.” Mark declares, “Dyson Frost, this is Agent Benford. It’s your move.” It appears that Frost really did know the future, and not in a Miss Cleo’s tarot reading-type way. Benford and Demetri set out to find Ian McKinnon, the reigning chess champ that Frost defeated who could have some answers, but instead they find McKinnon DOA. Something’s fishy.

Next, we find Keiko in a sushi restaurant — stunning, just like all of the women on this show — and we see her flashforward of a date with Bryce. She calls this her “new beginning” in LA. Meanwhile, Bryce is getting chemo treatment.

Benford and Vogel realize that there must be a double agent from within the Bureau, and commence their own game of Whack-a-Mole as they try to capture the jerk who’s leaking all the important info. The security outfit detect a hidden microphone in Mark’s keyboard, under the “M” key. The only people who have access to his office are every person in their department. Superb. Let the games begin. As co-head of the investigation, Vogel is actually kinda cute and charming in a way that makes me think, “I’m a lesbian but am totally into this dude non-sexually” kind of way. He asks the team, “So anyone wanna confess?” with a million dollar smile and wink. Why am I blushing? This is so weird. Gosh.

As I turn crimson, the Vogel-Benford task force continues to investigate a more-than-perturbed squadron of agents, while Keiko is in LA amidst a bunch of muscle cars with hydraulics. Keiko’s actually a mechanical engineer and knows a great deal about cars — which spikes up her hotness level — and she gets under the car to help make it go “up and down.”

I’ll refrain from pointing out the obvious innuendos. Her new buddy Emil, who hires undocumented workers, offers Keiko, also without an I-9, a job and mad street cred in the ‘hood. Later, she ends up getting handcuffed — not in the good way — but that can only enhance her newly acquired hard persona, so we’ll just have to see. Maybe her “new beginning” is being a thug. Who knows?

Back at the mole-hunt, Benford and Vogel interview Janis, who says that it’s really screwing with her trust issues — for goodness’ sake, she took a bullet for Mark, but “getting shot and living would be a good cover,” suggests Vogel. Mark also points out that she’s taken 13 personal breaks since the blackout, but Janis reveals that she’s been trying to be a baby mama and has been frequenting the extra-treasonous, ultra-suspicious, highly illegal fertility clinic. But that only accounts for 8 of those absences. As for the other 7, Janis has been doing security background checks since the shooting, and dug up some dirt about Marcie and possible motives to leak information.

At the hospital, the future couple according to their flashforwards, Lloyd and Olivia, attempt to piece together their visions to figure out the formula Lloyd wrote on her bedroom mirror with lipstick, after the two were in bed together. Awkward timez. However, Olivia does recognize within the big formula a smaller formula for an anesthetic, because she’s a brainiac med school genius. This helps with the deduction of what that formula could possibly be and what their future sex life could possibly be.

After some intense scrutiny of surveillance tapes, Mark and Demetri pinpoint Marcie as the mole. Though she’s the bad guy, I can’t help but get a little excited by the way she can handle her gun and blaze past an entire office of FBI agents.

Still, the pantsuit-wearing agent is no match for the ultimate badass of them all: Janis Hawk. Agent Hawk wrestles Marcie in the water and they get all wet and steamy. Just kidding. Janis beats the crap out of her and it’s actually kind of scary, in a very sexy way. Janis is a hero! Holy moley, she rocks.

Back to reality, Dyson Frost calls Agent Benford and can’t wait to meet him. He’ll be in touch.

On his way out of the parking lot, Simon tries to hit on Janis, but Janis says she’s not quite his type. Furthermore, she reviewed Simon’s Uncle Teddy’s autopsy records and knows that Simon clearly murdered him to send a message. And guess what? She whispers, “Message received.”

Did I just blackout? Janis is the real mole? Here we were thinking that she was the hero of the whole world and a hot lesbian at that, but now she’s the villainess? Hmm, is it immoral that I find her even more attractive now that I know her criminal mastermind is able to outsmart both the FBI and CIA and dominate the universe? OhmyJanis, I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this show! Twists are the best. Discuss below!

NEXT WEEK: The future arrives, Demetri wants to get married ASAP, people are getting shot and Janis is preggers!