An interview with Elizabeth Keener


While The L Word may be long gone from the airwaves, its cast members continue to be big draws at Club Skirts The Dinah, as Elizabeth Keener found out this past weekend when she faced a constant barrage of fans seeking autographs and photos at the Palm Springs, Calif., event. caught up with Keener, who was attending her third Dinah and first without The L Word to promote, to talk about Dawn Denbo’s legacy, The Real L Word: Los Angeles and her three upcoming projects. Is it strange to be at Dinah without The L Word?

Elizabeth Keener:
This is my third Dinah. At the first two, I was doing L Word stuff, this one, I told Mariah I would do some stuff for fun — autographs and things because I love Mariah [Hanson].

AE: How does it feel to still be associated with Dawn Denbo? Does it ever get old?

No, I love it. The L Word was really breakthrough television — none of my doing, it was all way before I got there — and I played one of the best characters, in my opinion, of that series. I got so lucky.

AE: It’s allegedly based on Girl Bar’s Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans.

For me, I did a character of that kind of promoter feel to the nth degree. Everything she wants, she’ll take. I’m good friends with Sandy and Robin. Whether it was written about them or not, it wasn’t my doing to be specific. But I think they were thrilled to be on The L Word in any shape or form. It’s iconic to appear on it.

AE: The cast of The Real L Word: Los Angeles is here at Club Skirts The Dinah filming. What do you think about the show so far?

No comment. I say let an amazing piece of breakthrough television be. There are so many reality shows, that’s all. Why another one?

AE: A lot of people are talking about the lack of diversity with the cast and that it isn’t very representative.

If you’re going to do a real L Word, because I know L.A. is very titillating and all, but my feeling is go to somewhere like middle America and include some people are friends and some who aren’t, but set it in a community and make it the real L Word. Then if it goes — and does — well then make L.A. the second or third one.

AE: What do you have coming up?

I’m doing a web series, Lowering the Bar, and I just finished a pilot for ABC called Generation Y. We don’t know if it’ll get picked up yet, but our fingers are crossed.

AE: What can you tell me about both projects?

Hope Royaltey, who was one of the executive producers on Venice — which I wasn’t able to do because of timing — but she and I got together and we’re doing this funny law office thing about dysfunctional lawyers. In Generation Y, I play a filmmaker interviewing students — seniors — and I go back 10 years to interview them again and follow their lives after that.

AE: Do you play gay in either?

Lowering the Bar I will be, but not Generation Y. I’m also doing movie called Sweat. It’s a horror movie that I’ll be filming in the summertime.

AE: How soon is your character going to be killed off?

I don’t think I’m getting killed! Wait, maybe at the very end I get killed, so I’m in good shape until the end. [Laughs]