“FlashForward” mini-cap (1.14): “Better Angels”


This week, the gang heads to war-torn Somalia to uncover clues about the towers and unconsciousness. Janis, looking adorable as ever in her dorky khaki uniform, is learning to speak Somali from an interpreter. He asks her, "What did you see?" in regards to her flashforward. Janis unenthusiastically replies, "I was baking bread." I love Janis’s dry, don’t-try-to-make-me-smile-because-it-won’t-happen attitude. It’s so sexy.

Demetri whispers to her, "Hey I thought this weekend — you’re supposed to bake bread," to which she retorts, "Vogel’s little field trip kinda closed the window on that." Janis does not seem happy about the prevention of her baking a healthy, seven-pound loaf of joy.

In the states, Mark has been digging for any and all information about Dyson Frost, who was apparently killed in a boat accident in 1990, but is still alive. The fragments from Mark’s board — the white queen chess piece, hydra monster, red panda — are all starting to come together and Wedeck encourages him to "be like Hercules and slay the beast. Keep looking for Dyson Frost." Thanks, boss.

The other gang moseys on into a Somalian village, but are interrupted by a bunch of townies, if you will, who barrage the foreigners with hot lead. Not the type of warm welcome they were looking for, but the leader of the townies, Abdi, isn’t buying the whole "Red Panda relief" thing. Fluent in English, Abdi fires three shots into the interpreter’s chest.

He explains that when he was a boy, a group of foreigners built a bunch of towers, claiming that they would provide electricity and humanitarian relief. Upon returning from a neighboring village, Abdi saw his whole village, along with crows, seemingly dead. He saw a black camel, the omen of death, and ran away from the village. When he returned, the whole village had disappeared.

Understandably, Abdi is not a fan of phony humanitarian groups and threatens the CIA/FBI outfit with death if they don’t come clean. Demetri and Vogel fake a fight, initiating a hand-to-hand brawl with the guards. Janis kicks a dude in the stomach and it’s awesome.

Abdi is getting impatient and forces the CIA security guard to blow their cover. Way to go. Abdi reveals that his flashforward prophesied him ruler of Somalia on behalf of the "better angels" to crush his enemies and win the war. He demands planes, tanks, and boats or will kill them all, but ends up killing the security guard anyway. Abdi don’t play.

He holds up a phone in one hand, points a gun at Simon, and before Simon becomes toast, Janis screams, "Your prophecy is wrong and I can prove it to you. I know about the better angels." She and Abdi both know the Lincoln quote about "better angels," which was actually a speech about unity of the Civil War. Janis, queen of awesomeness, Mosaics "better angels" and finds a slew of testimonials of people who saw a Somali man quoting Lincoln about peace, wearing his mother’s old necklace. Janis explains, "You don’t need tanks or guns; your destiny is to stop the war, not start one." Jeez, she rocks.

Back in the USA, Olivia finally gets Charlie to divulge her flashforward: she’s with Dylan in her kitchen and hears Lloyd say, "The man you call D. Gibbons lied," which prompts Dylan to chant "bad people lie…" and spell in magnetic letters, "D. Gibbons is a bad man!" The kicker is that she witnesses Agent Vogel outside declaring, "Mark Benford is dead," i.e. her old man and Olivia’s husband. Mark is in denial and won’t run away to Denver. There’s going to be another blackout and he has to try and stop it.

Team Somalia is also trying to stop the blackout and journeys to one of the towers, which freaks Simon out because his designs were just theoretical; they would have had to be designed in the future, but there stands a tower, completely built. Even weirder, though Simon says his designs were stolen from him in 1992, the tower was built in 1991. Inside the tower, they figure out the villagers didn’t die, but blacked out.

They discover a bunch of video testimonials about their visions, including one from Abdi’s mother, followed by D. Gibbons in the virtual flesh explaining that the test subjects had experienced a "consciousness shift" two weeks into the future. I can’t help but notice the uncanny similarities to ABC’s LOST: the creepy scientific video (I was totally expecting to see Dharma propaganda), the door Simon discovers that resembles the hatch. All we need is Evangeline Lily and I would be one ecstatic woman.

The hatch reveals skeletons strewn about, which were evidently the products of execution, and stashed out of sight, out of mind. Abdi identifies his mother’s necklace on a skeleton, but before he attempts to vengefully murder Simon, Agent Vogel shoots him. Janis is horrified because, "better angels … his vision … this wasn’t supposed to happen!"

Janis, clad in a tank top, later calms down and discusses with Demetri how two visions won’t come true, referring to her unborn daughter, whom she has already named Willa. Dem seductively says, "You know, the weekend isn’t over," but Janis laughs in his face and snorts, which makes her even more adorable. He looks hurt, but she explains that not only would their having intercourse be gross and 1000% wrong, but, hello, "I’m gay!"

Demetri promises he’d make her gayer, but unless Dyson Frost can magically make Dem grow boobs in his flashforward, he’s never-never gonna get it. Seriously, he says that though in a couple of months he won’t be around, it’d be nice if Willa was. Janis looks kind of grossed out, but potentially considering it. I really hope that what happens in Somalia stays in Somalia because if Dem really inseminates Janis, I may throw up. Not that they wouldn’t have cute babies, because they would, but so would he and Zoey! And I’m still waiting for Maya. She’s definitely been in a couple of my flashforwards.

Luckily, we don’t see anything, and Demetri retreats to the hatch. As he’s packing his bag with the VHS tapes, a video clip begins. D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost is on the screen:

Hello Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost and I’m recording this message in 1991. Got

your attention, didn’t I?

I must say, he definitely did, and I’m kind of freaked out. I shouldn’t watch this show at 3:00am.