Paula Carlin gone wild


Remember this angry, pious woman?


Those of you who have missed Maeve Quinlan (last seen as homophobic mom Paula Carlin on South of Nowhere) on the tube will get a new fix this Tuesday night. Quinlan will guest star as on FX’s Dirt as former porn star Kitty Ryder. In this episode, Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox) and her team of intrepid muckrakers are out to expose all of Hollywood’s raciest sex scandals in a very special issue of the magazine, and Kitty’s crazy story is one of the highlights. Maeve says that Kitty is “the most famous and most successful porn star in the world. She makes millions and has her own line of sex toys. But one day she doesn’t show up to set, and she disappears from the porn industry altogether. The people at Dirt put together a special issue devoted to sex, and they try to find out what happened to her.” So what compelled Ryder to leave the world of porn? Maeve won’t tell but she hints that “Kitty may have had a long chat with Paula Carlin.” Maeve told me “For the porn scene—which was really a lot of fun to shoot—we did it really campy—I’m in a cheerleader costume and my partner is in a football costume. Remember that weekend when I wouldn’t drink [at the SON screening party]? It was because I didn’t want to look bloated for my nude scene the next day. But it turned it not to be nude. So I could have had tequila shots with you afterall! It was the scene I was the most nervous about, but it was the most fun—I couldn’t stop laughing.” Here’s a pic of Maeve expressing copious amounts of school spirit on the set of Dirt:


Episode 10 of Dirt (“The Sexxx Issue”) airs Tuesday, March 6 at 10 pm.

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