Six feet under, apparently not enough


Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn of Joan of Arcadia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame is going back to series television in the new show Babylon Fields. Lest you think the 23-year-old actress will be typecast on television as the uplifter of spirits/messenger from God, listen to the description of the new hour-long CBS show:

“A sardonic, apocalyptic American comedy-drama where the dead are rising and as a result, lives are regained, families restored and old wounds reopened.”

All righty then. It sounds like Shaun of the Dead crossed with They Came Back. In the pilot, Amber’s character kills her abusive father, only to have him return. One word to describe that reunion: awkward. This isn’t Amber’s first foray into the sci-fi/horror arena. Though, I must say, things haven’t gone so well for her in her other stops in the genre. To wit:

  • As Dawn’s friend Janice on Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Bitten by a vamp on an ill-advised double date.
  • As Katie, Naomi Watt’s niece, in The Ring — Dies after watching some decidedly must-not-see TV.
  • As Aubrey, Buffy — er — Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sister in The Grudge 2 – Killed by a revengeful spirit.


Here’s hoping this time goes better. And with a zombie father back from the grave she put him in, really, how could it not?

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