“United States of Tara” mini-cap: Trouble or nothing


We don’t usually give advice here at AfterEllen.com, but I’m about to give you some anyway. If you run into a woman you just slept with and she doesn’t seem to recognize you and then tells you she is trouble, believe her. Then look through that little peek-hole before you open the door and do not — do not — let her in.

The end of last week’s episode of United States of Tara was the beginning of more than handholding between Pammy and Buck. So much more than Buck wakes up in Pammy’s bed. And he is quite proud of himself.

The walk of shame turns into a guessing game when Tara regains control on her way home. And she has no idea what happened — just that she has lost time and is jogging without a bra. Ouch.

Charmaine is waiting to show off her fabulous new cushion cut engagement ring.

Oops. But Charmaine decides to let the inconsistency slide. She’s not about to give up the spotlight just yet.

When Tara and Charmaine are at the grocery store later that day, Tara gets a hint of what happened when they run into a very grateful Pammy.

At first, Tara doesn’t even recognize the bartender and Pammy’s not sure what’s up. (Pammy does tell Tara that she’s never been with a chick before, ruling out any question of whether she sees the relationship as lesbian.) In the parking lot, Tara faces Pammy again, this time to tell her that nothing will ever happen between them again because she (Tara) is trouble.

I’m not sure what I would’ve thought if I were Pammy. Probably that Charmaine was Buck’s gf and that’s why he was acting so weird. In any case, I think I would’ve stayed away. I think.

Tara goes home, locks herself in the closet, and adds a breakdown to her video diary. The scene is horrifying and heart wrenching and amazing. Toni Collette is on the road to another Emmy.

During dinner that evening, Tara looks up to see Buck standing at the table, demanding attention. Tara runs to the bedroom with Buck in pursuit. This is something new for United States of Tara and is an interesting way to show Tara’s battle with her alters. Buck wins this round and goes back to Pammy’s. She lets him in because he apparently is quite good at, um, Bucking.

The next morning, however, it’s Tara who wakes up in Pammy’s bed.

This is the first time that Tara has hidden her alters from her family — and that is the key to the crisis just ahead. Hold on to your seats, my friends; the ride is about to get very bumpy.

(A lot happened with Marshall this week, too. Get the scoop on that from Michael’s recap at AfterElton.com.)

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