Top 11 TV girls with guns


Not to be outgunned by their celluloid counterparts, these girls on TV have firepower of their own. I didn’t call out Jennifer Garner or Michelle Rodriguez here, since they got props on the film list.

Although undeniably hot, these women just don’t seem as ripped as their movie sisters. Is it due to television’s tamer nature? Are movie chicks really more ripped than TV ones? What’s your theory?

Don’t get me wrong — every one of these women has got the goods. So whether their guns are made of sinew or steel, these chicks rock the box.

11. Kristen Bell on Veronica Mars

Like Harriet the Spy, only hotter and with a smart mouth and a crappy attitude. My kinda girl.

Kristen Bell

10. Amanda Tapping on Stargate SG-1

That big dude who fell asleep face-first on a silver dollar can’t hold a candle to Lt. Col. Carter.

Amanda Tapping

9. Evangeline Lilly on Lost

Dirt never looked so good.

Evangeline Lilly

8. Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU

She may not be the hardest hard body, but if she ordered you to “spread ’em,” you’d do it.

Mariska Hargitay

7. Peta Wilson on La Femme Nikita

The show may be off the air, but those piercing blue eyes permanently burned out the pixels on many a TV set.

Peta Wilson

6. Gillian Anderson on The X Files

She might be the only actress who’s actually edgier and cooler than her character.

Gillian Anderson

5. Ali Larter on Heroes

As the evil Niki Sanders, she’d break your arm without blinking. Or remembering she did it.

Ali Larter

4. Jessica Alba on Dark Angel

What would a tough chick do without S&M pants and elbow pads?

Jessica Alba

3. Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess

Yes, yes. Of course.

Lucy Lawless

2. Katee Sackhoff on Battlestar Galactica

The sheer width of those shoulders. That’s all I’m saying.

Katee Sackhoff

1. Renee O’Connor on Xena: Warrior Princess

The Battling Bard was never really anyone’s sidekick, was she?

Renee O'Connor

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