Singing her life with his words


Elisha Cuthbert is mad at Justin Timberlake. She seems to think his song “What Goes Around … Comes Around” is based on her relationship with her former fiancé. Watch out, JT: She might sic Jack Bauer on you.

Elisha Cuthbert

Cameron Diaz tried to tell Cuthbert that her life may have inspired the song, but that’s as far as it goes.

Cameron Diaz

You probably can’t talk Elisha out of this one, Cameron. She’s so vain, she probably thinks every song is about her.

Speaking of songs and Cameron Diaz, I was listening to the Vanilla Sky soundtrack the other day. It’s a pretty great collection of songs — with the exception of Diaz’s track, that is. She must have suspected it wasn’t very good, because the song is credited to “Julianna Gianni,” which was her character’s name in the movie. Don’t quit your day job, Cameron/Julianna.

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