Izzie’s in; Addison angers


Yesterday several Web sites reported that Katherine Heigl had broken off contract negotiations and would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. But, as I told the school bully in fifth grade when she thought I was macking on her boyfriend, it was all just a misunderstanding. Izzie will be back. Here’s the official word from ABC:

“Katherine is an integral part of Grey’s Anatomy and its success. Fortunately, we have a long-term contract to ensure she’ll be with the show for several years to come. In recognition of her tremendous talent and value to the show, we recently approached Katherine with an offer to raise her compensation significantly above the terms of her current contract. We were surprised to see this gesture reported negatively in the press, and want to reassure fans that she will continue as Izzie Stevens.”

Katherine Heigl

Meanwhile, Star reports that some members of the cast are mad at Kate Walsh and feel “blindsided” by the spinoff news. Don’t cry, Cristina — just go with her.

Is it just me, or is all of this recent Grey’s stuff almost suspicious? Actually, I guess it’s probably collectively too wacky to be orchestrated. But it sure is keeping the show in the headlines.

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