“Desperate Housewives” mini-cap: Sometimes, TV gets it right


Previously on Desperate Housewives … Note to LUGs, LURDs and other hasbians: It always counts.

This week, something happened that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen on network television: A lesbian storyline ended without death, pregnancy, or going gentle into that good parking lot.

Yes, my friends, Marc Cherry got it right. That’s why we have more clips than usual this week. (Apologies to non-US readers — I hope you’ll help each other find places to view them.)

At the end of last week’s episode, Robin refused to let Katherine get away with the “I was drunk” excuse for sleeping with her and sealed it with a kiss. Robin apparently is a very, very good kisser.

Now that is a power nap.

The two go to Karen’s cancer party together, but not “together” — as if that ever works. Once again, Robin is not about to let Katherine get away with any bulls–t.

I could not love Robin more.

Respecting the boundaries of a lover’s closet has limits, though, when said lover flirts with someone else.

Ah, lesbian drama. Timing is everything.

Katherine has just gone from neighborhood crazy to neighborhood freshly hatched lesbian and she is not happy about it. But the ever-wise Mrs. McCluskey spells it out for her: If she cares so much about what people think, she either has to dump Robin or move to a place with less gossipy neighbors. Count on Karen to cut to the chase.

So, Katherine makes a choice. Robin has to go.

That sound you heard at about 9:40 ET Sunday night was hundreds of thousands of lesbians shouting, “YES!” (With an impressive echo a couple of hours later on the West Coast.)

Robin and Katherine are off to Paris and Julie Benz and Dana Delany are off to do their pilots (as in shows, not women who fly planes — at least not that I know of).

We wish the actresses well in their new shows, but we know Wisteria Lane will suffer in their absence. At least we got our happy ending.

Are you happy with the way Desperate Housewives ended its lesbian storyline? Do you think Katherine and Robin ever will return to Fairview?

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