Portia de Rossi grades Ellen on “Idol”


As a non-American Idol watcher, I find these long couple months where my favorite Fox TV shows disappear for a while (Glee, cough, Glee! Cough) kind of dull. But what I have found interesting has been the public’s reaction to Ellen DeGeneres as its newest judge.

It seems as if everyone has weighed in on how America’s lesbian next door was doing alongside Simon, Randy and Kara. And now, so has her wife, Portia de Rossi. She told People magazine:

She doesn’t judge people. She’s a very positive person. She doesn’t like to criticize, so it’s kind of a difficult role for her to play. She wants to give them good advice, but she also doesn’t want to be negative.

Well, gosh, we knew that already. And, apparently, she’s a hugger. Portia goes on to tell People how much she and Ellen love being a part of the American Idol family, saying:

I’m a part of American Idol now. I’m actually going to every taping of Idol because it’s really fun to be there and it’s fun to support her. I’m just glad that I’m not a judge … If I was up there, looking into the eyes of those young kids, I would probably be a pushover. I would be like a water-downed version of Paula [Abdul]. All I would be doing is applauding and telling them that they were magnificent all of the time.

But would she stay conscious while applauding and telling them how magnificent they were? Otherwise Paula still has her beat. Portia also joked that she demanded Ellen take the Idol gig, saying “I was like, ‘Honey, that’s it. Go get another job. I’m that demanding.” I’ve seen her play bossy on Better Off Ted; she is convincing.

While overall reviews have been mixed of Ellen’s debut on Idol, Portia gives her wife a glowing review — naturally.

She’s doing two things that she absolutely loves to do. She’s very busy but she’s very happy being busy. She’s loving it, and I think she’s doing amazing.

So, what do you think? How is Ellen doing on Idol so far? Too nice? Not nice enough? Or has she pulled a Goldilocks and is doing her new job just right?

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