Kristen Wiig goes glam for “V Magazine”


We already know Kristen Wiig is quite a character, but this is a new approach, even for her. The latest issue of V Magazine features an interview with Wiig along with some very unique looks, including Brigitte Bardot as a Geisha, Frida Kahlo in Bollywood and Carmen Miranda as a Vegas showgirl.

You must admit, the woman looks good with fruit on her head. And even though V is definitely a style mag, Wiig vehemently disagrees with the assertion, made most recently in Vanity Fair, that a woman has to be pretty to get a laugh.

“I think that if you’re funny and people respond to you, it shouldn’t matter what you look like. I guess I don’t believe in ‘have tos’ when it comes to that kind of stuff," she tells V.

According to Saturday Night Live costar Jason Sudeikis, putting on new characters comes naturally to Wiig — mainly because she lived so many lives before SNL. He told the magazine, “She’s had a bunch of crazy jobs and crazy haircuts and has lived in about a dozen cities. And there’s always a time when she’ll say, ‘Well, when I was a florist,’ or ‘When I sold peaches on the street,’ or ‘When I went to massage school…’ She’s a journeyman who can start a sentence from any number of non sequiturs.”

Not surprisingly, Wiig is going the way of successful SNL-ers before her — to the big screen. She has a dramatic role in the upcoming All Good Things and is featured in the comedies Paul, Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon and Ass Backwards. And, of course, she’s in the SNL skit-turned-movie, MacGruber.

If the movies are hits, we may not be seeing Wiig on SNL much longer, which would be a shame for the show since she is its funniest cast member. But her star definitely is on the rise — and I look forward to laughing with her all the way to the top.

For the rest of the interview with Kristen Wiig, check out the current issue of V (so far, the article is not online). What is your favorite Wiiged-out character?

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