Bisexual women get some love on “Millionaire Matchmaker”


If you are the kind of person who can spend an entire rainy Saturday in your pajamas with nothing to entertain you but your TV and a plate of brownies (don’t judge!), then you know the high value of Bravo’s reality programming. It’s a delicious mix of of gays, friends of gays, employees of gays, panels of gays, professional gays, wannabe gays, famous gays, housewives from every corner of the country, and all-inclusive train wrecks. Unfortunately, Millionaire Matchmaker is the exception to Bravo’s rule, as Patti Stanger always seems to tie gays to the train tracks.

So, imagine our surprise when Cupid-to-the-rich decided to hook-up a bi-curious divorcee with a woman on this week’s episode.

Meet Tricia Cruz, a “free-spirited 38 year-old … who is thinking about switching teams and dating women.”

Tricia is recently divorced, and now that she’s back in the field, she’s remembering an experience she had in college with another woman, and thinking she might want to turn that into a lifetime of experiences. Patti wonders if maybe she’s still reeling because her husband cheated on her, so now she’s going to go in the complete opposite direction, in terms of penises.

Patti is usually pretty good at giving dating advice, but mostly it’s stuff like, “Stop talking so much and let her get in a sentence.” Or, “Stop staring at her breasts.” Or, you know, “Do not take your garbage truck on the first date and make her haul rubbish.” Followed by, “We’re calling her right this minute so you can apologize for taking your garbage truck on the first date and making her haul rubbish.”

Fortunately, either Patti or Matchmakers‘ producers realized she was out of her psychological/intellectual league with Tricia, so they set up an appointment for her to talk to a legitimate professional.

Tricia: To me it’s not if you’re female or male, but if you’re a good person.

Dr. Nikki: So here you are at this potentially new stage of your life. What you want to do is be authentic. Is my authentic desire to be with a woman? Then I want to learn to do that. Or I want to be open to do that. And that includes all your feelings, your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies. And I think it’s brave. And I think it’s wondrous that you’re opening to this possibility.

At her mixer, Tricia chooses to go on a date with a woman named Tyler. Sadly their date is so super-awkward that Tricia calls Patti during dinner to tell her she’s not feeling any chemistry at all — which is a bummer, because they go roller skating and then have dinner on the rink. (If it’s followed by brownies, it’s the perfect date!)

Her one date with a woman convinces Tricia she’s not really interested in women.

That part’s too bad, but also it’s how real life works sometimes. The good part is Dr. Nikki’s advice, and the fact that Patti and her team were open to setting Tricia up with a woman. It’s nice to see bisexual/bi-curious women being treated with respect instead of being treated like drunken spring break mishaps caught on tape.

Did anyone catch Millionaire Matchmaker? What do you think of Dr. Nikki’s advice?

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