“Skins” recap (4.06): JJ Jones and the Final Frontier


If I ever meet the Skins music director — I think his name is Kyle — I am going to kidnap him and extract his magic powers because the music on this show is just a whole other story. It’s the same story, actually, but different. You know what I’m saying. And they’re both so good. JJ always gets the most eclectic mix, which suits him of course. (And anyway, I’m still holding onto my Temper Trap theory about Naomi and Emily.)

So, JJ and Thomas have both gotten jobs at Bristol StuffMart, and JJ is in love. The object of his affection is Lara, and as he assists a grandmotherly customer, she reads it all over his face and tells him to get in there. Back during the war, her brother fell in love, but by the time he plucked up the courage to do something about it, a bomb had blown off his face.

Every night, JJ records his thoughts in his Captain’s Log. He’s an alien here, and it’s cold in the day and the night. Lara is the most beautiful creature on this (or any known) planet, and he promises himself every night that tomorrow is the day she’ll smile at him.

Luckily, JJ’s got Thomas because Lara doesn’t even know his name. On their break, she’s sneezing all over the place, and JJ remembers something about the only time he ever got a girl to sleep with him and he drops a tab of vitamin C in her water. She’s rightly weary because of the ubiquitous MDMA floating around Bristol like horny fairy dust, but JJ explains that it will help her cold and keep her bowel movements regular.

When she leaves, Thomas says that if JJ doesn’t ask her out in ten seconds, he’s going to do it, so JJ chases Lara through StuffMart and asks her out over the loudspeaker. She’s like, “Yeah? Sure?”

At home, JJ kind of panics, but not as much as he should be, because just as he’s really working up a good pace, Freddie shows up with a smoking bag of James “Jimmy” Cook.

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