RachelWatch: Secrets & Lies. And Then Some More Lies.


Today: Discharged Major Michael Almy talks about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Rachel shows the best graph ever.

They’re Not Embarrassed

Rachel started us off with more examples of vigorous and enthusiastic lying by the right as they realize that health care reform may actually pass, people will like it, and once again Republicans will be caught playing Mr. Potter in our nation’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

Here’s what I don’t understand: I know that many Republicans have absorbed a Rovian win-at-all-costs dirty tricks culture, but didn’t at least a few of them get into politics for the principles of it? Even if those principles are just “government is for making your business cronies richer than Satan’s crooked business manager,” aren’t there at least a few?

If those Republicans have some shreds of principle left – or at least vague memories of what having principles felt like –  wouldn’t all the lying get to them eventually? I know self-delusion is a powerful thing, but it can’t work 24/7. Not even with cuddle therapy.

The Republicans know that if they tell the truth about health care reform, they will lose. Their position is only sustainable through constant, outrageous lying. Wouldn’t it occur to someone that it’s time to re-think the party line and come up with something that’s at least a little bit based in reality?

But hey, at least they’ve come up with a new catchphrase and a website: Code Red!

I had no idea Republicans were so into Mountain Dew.


Strange Brew

Rachel plugged this segment with the promise of the best graph ever. She may well be correct. I am considering a simple, tasteful forehead tattoo.

Rachel welcomed the delightful Frank Rich of  The New York Times to chat about the uneasy marriage between the Republicans and the Tea Partiers.

When they finally have that long-overdue talk about the checkbook, I think someone’s going to be sleeping on the couch.

The TRMS Interview

Rachel welcomed Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter (D), a primary challenger for Blanche Lincoln’s Senate seat. Halter has been raking in campaign donations at an astounding rate, so far mostly on the strength of not being Blanche Lincoln.

Rachel decided to ask him a few questions anyway.

Halter is… Not quite the straight-shooting firebrand I was hoping for.

Leading with a bold stand against bank bonuses is kind of like taking a bold stand against the Mountain Dragon’s virgin bonus: It makes you instantly popular with the villagers, and yet somehow I think Hrowth is still going to get fed.

On the other hand, Halter seems to be at least open to dealing with facts. And did I mention that he’s not Blanche Lincoln?

Ways and Means and Ends

Oh, dear. Congressman Charlie Rangel (D – New York) seems to be having a few financial ethics issues. Or maybe all of them.

He is taking a leave of absence from the House Ways and Means Committee while he thinks of a better excuse than “I had no idea who was paying for those luxurious trips to the Caribbean.”

Right to Serve

Argh. Lest you get too optimistic about the way the world is heading, Rachel showed us footage of some barnacle-ridden old coots defending our ridiculous, embarrassing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Once again it all boiled down to three main arguments:

1) Gay people make me feel funny, so I would like to be able to pretend they don’t exist.

2) Yes, we’re destroying the careers of dedicated, willing military personnel, but it’s only people in the LGBT community so it totally doesn’t count.

3) We’ve always fed the dragon.

Rachel and Major Michael Almy are about to shatter that second argument.

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