It’s hard to do homework if you think you’re about to die


Finally, the perfect gift for your favorite — or your inner — nerd: The Physics of the Buffyverse. Author Jennifer Ouellette has made physics palatable by serving it up with a healthy dose of Sunnydale.


Here’s a snippet from the Publisher’s Weekly review:

“She compares exotic demons to real animals, draws lessons on Newtonian kinematics from Buffy’s kickboxing, susses conservation laws in Buffy’s economy of magic and compares Buffy’s fight against evil to mankind’s doomed struggle against entropy.”

Whoa! Does she also consider alternate realities, like the one in which Willow was “evil and skanky,” not to mention “kinda gay”? Not that the last part was “alternate” for very long.


Ouellette also has a blog called Cocktail Party Physics, which tackles such fascinating topics as why chocolate makes people happy and the science of speaking in tongues. Yep, Willow definitely would have been a fan, if not a



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