For Laura Innes, “The Event” is on


In the ledger of lesbian TV characters, one of our favorites is ER’s Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes).

Her Sapphic awakening rang true for many of us — even while we were a tad bit jealous that the wake-up call was courtesy of sexy shrink Dr. Kim Legaspi (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Kim and Kerry

Weaver’s storyline had its ups and downs, but we were gratified that she was in a promising new relationship with television producer Courtney Brown (Michelle Hurd) when she left County General — and ER.

We haven’t seen much of Innes since. She has focused on her behind-the-camera career, directing several episodes of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, including one of my favorite Kevin-centric episodes, “The Science Fair.”

However, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Innes will return to NBC for its new drama, The Event. According to the casting call, the series is about “a diverse group of individuals find their lives intermixed by a mind blowing event” — apparently an assassination attempt on the President of the United States which is the result of his trying to shut down a secret facility in Alaska at which suspects are detained without warrant. Innes plays the leader of the detainees — a role originally written as male.

The Event is one of the lucky pilots that got picked up as a result Leno tanking in his daily primetime show. As a sucker for conspiracy thrillers, I’m looking forward to seeing it — and Innes. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Will you tune in to see Laura Innes in a new role?

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