RachelWatch Classic: Bullpuckey, Ex-Gays and Pure Evil


Today: Rachel is reading it from your book, dude!

Rachel was off Thursday night, so let’s look at a few favorite calls-’em-as-she-sees-’em moments.

All of these clips are requests from the marvelous political nerds in the #Maddow stream on Twitter. C’mon and join the fun, won’t you?

Rachel Calls Bullpuckey

This first clip is a personal favorite. It’s from just over a year ago and it feels like a lifetime. Back then, the Republicans were trying to slow down an urgently necessary bill by using bad information and refusing to negotiate in good faith. Can you believe how much has changed?

The Devil Takes a Photo Op

Rachel took us for a quick spin through the proudest moments of Burson-Marsteller, AIG’s PR firm.


The Uncanny Ex (Gay) Man

A reminder to us all: Before you go on The Rachel Maddow Show, be sure to read your own book.

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