Studio 60, off into the sunset


Tim Goodman at the San Francisco Chronicle offers some thoughts on why Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip failed. (Its demise isn’t certain yet, but as Sarah noted a couple of weeks ago, there’s not much hope.)

So what was the problem, exactly? I think the article pinpoints it:

It turns out that most Americans didn’t care at all about the career woes and personal crises of pampered Hollywood writers.”

I tried to stay with it. I really wanted it to work. But in the last couple of episodes, Danny’s stalker-ish behavior was enough to make my girlfriend take the show off our DiVo list. (You know, DiVo: like TiVo, but technically a DVR.) And the Matt–Harriet stuff was never great either. Maybe it all comes down to chemistry — I know it’s hard to believe, Aaron Sorkin, but sometimes writing isn’t everything.

One thing’s for sure: Nobody can blame Sarah Paulson. She’s just plain good. I’m sure we’ll get to see her again in something soon.

Sarah Paulson

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