The Mariska and Kathy kiss ends up a little homophobic


We’ve been waiting for it: The big Mariska Hargitay/Kathy Griffin (though, really, any woman would do) kiss on Law & Order: SVU. We’ve gotten to see clips of their interaction on next week’s episode, but never the actual meeting of lips. Well, here it is.


First of all, yes, it’s pretty underwhelming. But secondly, I’m very disappointed in the follow-up: “If I were you, I’d stay outside.”

Really, SVU? You give lesbians, aka a huge part of your fan base, a woman kissing Benson and you follow it up with a homophobic comment? I’m a little surprised, frankly, and definitely disappointed. Babs ends up looking like an obsessive lesbian who preys on any woman with a dykey job or haircuit. Sigh.

Do the same old lesbian storylines ever get old to straight people? We’re stalkers of straight women, men with sperm for our child out of wedlock and inevitably just need to find a good man. I expected more from you, SVU.

I could live with the Suze Orman joke, but I’m not so sure I’m excited about this storyline anymore.

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