Ease on down the road of lame interviews


The new season of Inside the Actors Studio premieres Monday; the guest is Diana Ross.

Diana Ross

Yeah, people will say she’s just riding the coattails of Dreamgirls (or maybe riding the wigs and glitter, since they were in such abundance), but clearly Diana Ross is one of the more talented actors working today. Never mind that she hasn’t acted in a while — or ever, really.

Maybe it’ll make for a fascinating interview anyway. How else will we ever find out whether Mahogany was as painful to be in as it was to watch, or whether Michael Jackson tried on all her costumes while they were filming The Wiz? Or … hmmm, I can’t seem to think of any burning questions. James Lipton will have to ramble even more than usual to fill the time: Ross has been in, like, 3.5 films, and that’s counting the made-for-TV stuff.

Ross will even perform, just to make it all even weirder. It’s the Actors Studio, not the Singers. Maybe they should start asking all the guests to sing — right after selecting their favorite curse words. Here’s hoping Ross chooses something multisyllabic. Those extra-long bleeps are fun (remember Holly Hunter‘s choice epithet?).

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