“Wonderfalls” star gets ready to play doctor for Shonda Rhimes


If your daydreams still include smooshed-faced wax lions and sarcastic slackers named Jaye, then do I have some news for you. Former Wonderfalls star Caroline Dhavernas has been cast as one of the leads in Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes’ new medical drama.

According to TV Guide, Caroline will play Lily, “a young doctor who deals with tragedy by moving to a jungle in South America to work in a free clinic.” The pilot follows three doctors who are all seeking a fresh start by working in a remote area of Latin America.

Joining Caroline will be Without a Trace star Enrique Murciano as Manny, “an egotistical plastic surgeon,” and Meena, “an infectious disease specialist with a shadowy past,” who has not been cast yet. The series, called Off the Map, is Rhimes’ third foray into the world of medical drama after Grey’s and Private Practice.

Fans of the all-too short-lived quirky series Wonderfalls will fondly remember Caroline as the artist formerly known as Jaye Tyler. Over-educated and underemployed, Jaye’s snarky ways won the hearts of many a gay gal’s heart.

And given how many gay gals have become devotees of Rhimes’ work thanks to the ongoing relationship between Callie and Arizona on Grey’s, the only way this news could be better is if one of the two female doctors on the new show was gay. I’d say both, but I don’t want to get greedy. Though, given Rhimes’ track record, perhaps we should start ‘shipping now. Leena? Mily? Make it happen, Shonda, make it happen.

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