Say hey, hey hello to TV


Parker Posey, that lovable scamp, is trading in her Queen of the Indies crown for the new title of Countess of Comedies. Posey has signed on to star in the Fox TV comedy pilot The Return of Jezebel James. The show comes from the whip-smart mind of Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. I just died and went to TV heaven.

Parker Posey

This is Posey’s first foray into series television. She’s starred in a slew of indie favorites, from Party Girl to For Your Consideration, and a few studio projects, from You’ve Got Mail to Superman Returns. Then there was that inexplicable Pepsi ad with Jimmy Fallon, but we shall speak of it no more.

In Jezebel, Posey will play a successful children’s book editor who is newly single and, after learning she is unable to conceive, asks her estranged younger sister to carry her baby for her. Yeah, that seems like a really big favor. Perhaps try asking if she’ll water your plants for a weekend before moving on to such a nine-month, pickle-craving commitment.

Sherman-Palladino told the Hollywood Reporter that she couldn’t believe her luck at landing Posey for the part. The actress had turned down all other pilots in the past.

“I can’t believe it’s happening,” Sherman-Palladino said. “Because it’s a comedy, the character runs the gamut of emotions from laughing to flipping out to breaking your heart in 22 minutes, and only one in a zillion people has enough skill and charm to pull that off. Parker Posey is that person.”

I’m programming my TiVo already.

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