“Glee” gives us Jane Lynch, Brittana and the cone bra, oh my


In case you were wondering, it’s 54 days until a new Glee. But, hey, who’s counting? Apparently, everyone. The freshman Fox phenomenon has released its first new promo since it last aired way back in December. That high-pitched noise you’re hearing is every single Gleek on Earth squealing. Seriously, you may want to invest in earplugs.


A lot is happening in 1 minute, so let’s break it down by importance. First,Jane Lynch is wearing a Madonna cone bra. Seeing this image gives me exactly the same feeling I have every time I come across something new at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I never knew I needed this, but now I cannot fathom living one more single second without it.

Second, hail Brittana! Looks like our favorite (possibly gay, definitely sleeping together) Cheerios Brittany and Santana are still very much a twosome. They’re still plotting against Rachel and shooting each other meaningful glances.

Also, I could be dreaming, but are they holding hands in the hallway?

And, as if we needed any more fuel for our wishful lesbian thinking, Glee star Naya Rivera (the “anna” of Brittana) tweeted this cryptic Twitpic with the even more cryptic message “Fate has laid a hand…” [Hat tip, Amber & Artemis!]

What does this mean? Are they a couple? Will we see more of them together? Can I make a sacrificial offering to the television gods to make this happen? Why isn’t it April 13 yet?

OK, I’ve composed myself. Now let’s move onto item No. 3, the all-singing, all-dancing spectacle that will be the all-Material Girl episode (titled “The Power of Madonna” and set to air April 20). Though, I think somewhere in the English countryside in a stately manor home Madonna is doing the exact opposite of weeping.

Kurt couldn’t have said it better, “It’s going to be magical.”

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