“Tool Academy” has a lesbian couple on its new season


This Sunday is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s Tool Time. Vh1’s reality show Tool Academy makes its return Sunday night with a whole new group of crappy boyfriends and their loving girlfriends who brought them there to shape up or ship out. But this season, there’s one difference: One of the tools is a lesbian.

Meet Courtney from San Pedro, California. (That’s her girlfriend, Cheron, in the corner, looking all teary-eyed.)

Courtney told Entertainment Weekly:

I’m also the first gay Tool, so to speak, and I’m representing a whole community of people. So not only am I gonna have the heterosexual community commenting on me, I’m gonna have my gay community viewing this person. I’m a little bit more anxious.

Us, too, Courtney. While the show is just as invasive as it is helpful to the broken couples in the end, it might do America some good to see a lesbian learning the right and wrong ways to treat their partner. Physical and emotional abuse isn’t only for straight people, you know.

“I’ve heard a lot of my gay friends say they should make a Tool Academy for gay people. We’re the same as straight people. Sometimes more dramatic, sometimes less,” Courtney said.

She may be a tool, but there’s always time to change. Will you be rooting for her and her girlfriend Cheron? Rumor has it Courtney has lied and cheated. She also claims to love straight girls. Uh oh.

Watch the first episode and give me your thoughts.

Poor Cheron.

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