Contrary to popular belief, lesbians are on American TV


Alan Frutkin is the host of Mediaweek‘s Gay TV and, this week, the focus of his segment examined the dearth of portrayals of lesbians on scripted television. also picked up on it, running the piece “Lesbians On TV Suffering, Real Life Lesbians Rolling.”


So, according to Frutkin, Janis Hawk of FlashForward is the only hope for lesbian characters on television.

While we would definitely like more representation of lesbian women on scripted television and although we appreciate the sentiment, perhaps a quick Google search and cough could have made Frutkin’s conclusion regarding lesbians on scripted television less bleak.

A few shows that are currently running or are in the process of being renewed have out lesbian characters, including Grey’s Anatomy (Arizona) and Stargate Universe (Camille and Sharon). Marsha Thomason will reprise her role as lesbian FBI agent Diana Lancing on the second season of White Collar, and the sardonic Isabelle Hodes will once again trade barbs with her mother on Weeds, which has been renewed for a sixth season.

There are also quite a few female characters on the bisexual spectrum on scripted television: Callie on Grey’s Anatomy, Thirteen on House, Gretchen (and possibly) Claire on Heroes, and vampire queen Sophie-Anne in True Blood.

Furthermore, there have been hints that Pam on True Blood is a big ol’ queer, and rumor has it that there is something more going on between Brittany and Santana on Glee.

So ladies, don’t fret. While scripted television isn’t as inclusive as we would like, we have definitely moved past Leave It To Beaver. (Yes, I know where some of your minds just went. Get your minds out of the gutter.)

(Thanks to Dorothy Snarker and Snoodit for their input.)

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