Dear “Glee”: You’re a Superstar! Love, Molly


Dear Glee,

You need to stop being so awesome. I mean it, tone it down. First, you bring on Kristin Chenoweth, next comes news you are bringing in her Wicked co-star Idina Menzel. You follow that up with Olivia Newton-John; followed by an episode directed by Joss Whedon; followed by an entire episode of Madonna song. And now — now this: You’re bringing on the Superstar! herself, Molly Shannon.

How awesome is the addition of Saturday Night Live alum Molly “Mary Katherine Gallagher” Shannon? So awesome I’m fighting the urge to shove my hands in my armpits and then smell them. According to Entertainment Weekly, Molly will play the nemesis to Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester.

Her character Brenda Castle is described as “the busty 45-year-old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley High School who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper.” We can expect to start seeing her boozy badminton instructor in a recurring role starting in May.

Get out, get out! See, that is too awesome. Molly already has plenty of experience playing nemesis to popular TV characters. From 1999 to 2004 she popped up on Will & Grace as Grace Adler’s frenemy Val Bassett. And there was hair pulling. And clothes ripping!

See what I saw saying? Too much awesome. Seriously, you’re kind of making the other shows feel bad.


Ms. Snarker

p.s. Though, as long as you’re being awesome, could you somehow manage to have Molly squeeze in a “Superstar!” for us during the show?

p.p.s. Dude, April 13 is too long to wait. You need to come back sooner. Now that would be the ultimate awesome.

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