More bang for Buck on “United States of Tara”


Happily, Showtime has released an extended trailer and behind-the-scenes video for Season 2 of United States of Tara.

The trailer reveals more about the relationship between Joey Lauren Adams’ character Pammy and Tara’s alter Buck.

As producer Diablo Cody explains:

Buck actually has a full-on romantic love affair with another person, which begs all kinds of questions about ‘What is cheating?’ How much autonomy are these alters allowed to have?”

The affair also presents some interesting questions about gender identity, since Tara herself (Toni Collette) identifies as female but Buck is male. Here’s the trailer:


At the TCA press tour recently, Cody told critics that the season brings a different approach to Tara’s personality changes:

One thing that was liberating about going into Season two — if you watch the first season, you know that every time Tara transitioned, that she would have to don a new costume to signify to our audience that this is an alter. Now that we’ve established those personalities with our viewers, we were able to present the alters in a more realistic manner.

We’re also going to see at least one new alter this year: Shoshanna, who serves as “mentor of sorts” to the family, according to Cody.

The cast and Cody talked about Season 2 in this slightly spoilerish behind-the-scenes video.


While I wish we didn’t have to see Marshall “explore” his sexuality, I’m trusting that Cody will give us something other than the conventional storyline. And after seeing these videos, I’m pretty excited about what’s ahead for United States of Tara. The season starts Monday March 22, right after Nurse Jackie.

Are you looking forward to a new season of Tara?

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