Rosie speaks too soon


Rosie O'DonnellYesterday on The View, Rosie O’Donnell had a few things to say about Anna Nicole Smith — hours before she died.

It’s not fun to be psychic. I have been known to say those very words myself, but I haven’t had to grapple with this kind of morbid prescience. If I were Rosie, I’d be feeling kind of sick right now. (Actually, I’m feeling sick anyway, but that’s because my mom sent me some candy hearts and I thought, “Artificial coloring and refined sugar? Brunch!”)

Rosie has responded to the headlines on her blog. But I don’t know what the response means, so I can’t really comment on it. TMZ can’t figure it out either:

“O’Donnell reprinted what appears to be the headlines taken from the Drudge Report, where coverage of Anna Nicole’s death has been the top story since yesterday, and added a line of her own — “LOOSE CHANGE.” It’s unclear whether O’Donnell was referring to Anna Nicole herself or — more likely — her own inclusion in the Drudge headlines.”

Sigh. Loose change? Any theories?

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