Sisters are doing it for themselves


Last weekend’s release of Because I Said So reminded me of the rich (read: hot) and varied (read: still hot) history of cinematic sister acts. Whether on the big or small screen, saucy siblings have provided a seemingly endless source of comedy, drama and eye candy.

Sure, there have been the bad seeds (hello, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?) and the disturbing seeds (I still carry the scars from an unsuspecting viewing of Sister My Sister). But it seems that, when it comes to sisters, three is the charm. Must be something to that power of three after all. Here’s a breakdown of the most formidable sisterly trios:

— The Halliwell sisters

Pros: Magical powers, an amazing San Francisco victorian and a penchant for exposed midriffs.

Cons: Tendency to kill off the “difficult” sister.


Hanging Up — The Mozell sisters

Pros: Diane Keaton, Diane Keaton, OK, fine, Lisa Kudrow.

Con: Outrageous phone bills.

Hanging Up

Inventing the Abbotts — The Abbott sisters

Pros: Easy to classify as “The Wild One,” “The Married One” and “The One Who is Liv Tyler.”

Cons: They all seem to want to be with Billy Crudup.

Inventing the Abbotts

Because I Said So — The Wilder sisters

Pros: Diane Keaton is their mom …

Cons: … but they look in no way related to her.

Because I Said So

The Powerpuff Girls — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

Pros: Super strong, super sassy and super color-coordinated.

Cons: Crime fighting leaves little time for a social life.

Powerpuff Girls

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