Meghan McCain and her mom are pro-gay marriage


Thank goodness for sensible daughters of conservative politicians: first Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter Mary and, more recently, the vocally pro-gay Meghan McCain. It just goes to show that political ideologies are not genetic.

Last week, Meghan joined the ladies of The View to discuss her book, and, most importantly, her continued support for the gay community. The daughter of Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, notorious for her staunchly opposite beliefs to her father, shared her previous involvement with the NOH8 Campaign and her thoughts on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

She spoke about gay rights as a “civil rights issue” rather than a party politics one, and asserted that “as long as there are people that are considered unequal in this country, I think that’s completely un-American.” The appreciative applause and cheers echoed the sentiment that gay rights have nothing to do with political beliefs.

Meghan went on to discuss her mother Cindy’s recent involvement with the NOH8 Campaign as well, gushing , “I’ve never been more proud of my mom.” Though they both received some heat from the Right, Meghan and her mother have always been supportive of marriage equality and made waves by taking a stand.

The conversation soon turned to John McCain’s recent support of DADT, to which Meghan responded, “Obviously I disagree with my father.” Even resident social conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck commented, “It seems strange that people would not be able to be free in who they are as they’re defending our own freedoms.” It also seems strange, Ms. Hasselbeck, that you have the capacity to say intelligent things. Shocking.

Though Senator McCain is up for reelection, Meghan and her mother continue to show their support for gay rights, especially post-presidential election. Meghan stressed that there’s no McCain family drama and declared, “I’m living proof that I’m not brainwashed and there’s open dialogue in my family.”

You can watch a clip of her appearance on The View below:


I applaud the female McCains for freely expressing their support for LGBT rights despite pressure to mask their opinions. What do you think of their involvement?

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