I’ll let you look up No. 44 on your own


The new issue of Geek magazine (we’ve sung its praises before) offers a whopping huge list of “108 Things That Rule.” Not games or TV shows or movies or anything in particular — just things that rule. It must have been hell to compile, but the end result is pretty great. Here are my favorites:

10. Google Mars (that’s Mars, not maps)

26. Snow (just plain ol’ snow)

27. The illuminated keyboards on MacBook Pros

34. Baked Cheetos (haven’t tried them, but it’s a great idea)

62. Asteroid’s Revenge

71. The women of The Office

Rashida Jones

72. Zombiewalk.com

80. Theremins

81. Girls with glasses

100. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

The list wasn’t on the Geek Web site last I checked, but there’s lots of other cool stuff there.

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