Daria Morgendorffer sets a date


Remember way back in July when we learned the original Misery Chick was finally, finally coming to DVD in 2010? Well, stop standing on my neck in anticipation, because the long-awaited Daria DVD now has a slightly more specific release date: Spring 2010. UPDATE: The official release date of May 11, 2010 was announced today! (Hat tip, Megan!)

Still too vague, but at least not winter 2010, am I right? The MTV animated-series ran from 1997-2002 and followed the sick, sad world of green-blazered, bespectacled teenage misanthrope Daria Morgendorffer and her best friend Jane Lane. MTV has released a teaser trailer to remind us all why Daria will forever be the queen of the dead pan.



Oh, how those caustic strains of “La la la la la” fill me with low esteem for everyone else. Since it left the air, MTV has released DVDs of the two Daria movies: Is It Fall Yet? and Is it College Yet? But the full series has never been released nor can episodes be seen currently airing anywhere in repeats. Is it spring yet?

So, does this news make you as happy as a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains? Also, anyone else secretly hope they add a DVD bonus feature detailing Daria and Jane’s coming out and subsequent relationship in college?

Yeah, I knew I wasn’t the only one.

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