Not what they meant by “mad”


Leila KenzleRemember Jaime’s friend Fran on Mad About You? Yeah, me neither. I mean, vaguely. Well, it turns out the woman who played her, Leila Kenzle, is a shrink now, according to the New York Post.

What gets me most about the story is this sentence: “It is not uncommon for actors to become psychotherapists.” Um. I wish I could doubt that.

It seems Marcia Cross has also done her time on, or rather near, the couch. And of course Tobias Funke on Arrested Development was a combination analyst and therapist, or analrapist, as well as a very fine actor.

On a related note, what’s Helen Hunt up to these days? IMDB has a 2007 movie listed (Then She Found Me), but she used to be everywhere. Maybe she’s studying to be a therapist too.

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