We recast the unemployed actors of “Dollhouse” and “Ugly Betty”


So, Dollhouse and Ugly Betty aren’t coming back. Both shows have been canceled and soon their respective casts will be just a bunch of unemployed actors. But before they start making those “Will Emote for Food” signs, how about we help them land their next gigs.

While I’m certain the talented casts of both shows will find gainful employment in no time, it can’t hurt to make a few suggestions. Short of each landing their own new series, many of these fine thespians would make a welcome addition to existing shows. Let’s recast a few.

America Ferrera on 30 Rock

America’s delightful comedy skills, not to mention her experience working in a crazy office, would make her a perfect match to join Liz Lemon. Maybe she could be a new NBC junior executive. Or a writer for The Girlie Show. Or just a new friend for Liz. I can already see them singing “Night Cheese” together.

Eliza Dushku on The Vampire Diaries

We already know she can handle herself around a bunch of vampires. Since we’ve already seen her slay, how about she vamp out for the show instead. Now that’s what I call five by five.

Becki Newton on Gossip Girl

A catty fashionista with expensive taste? Gosh, I don’t know how she’d ever fit in. Make Becki a long-lost cousin to Blake Lively’s Serena and watch the sparks fly.

Olivia Williams on Damages

The cold, calculating Adelle DeWitt would fit in perfectly in the treacherous legal world of Patty Hewes. Plus, imagine Olivia and Glenn Close brining all their alpha female energy together on screen – in power suits. Thud.

Mark Indelicato on Glee

As primetime’s original teenage adoragay, Mark seems custom made for the all-singing, all-dancing cast. Also, I heard the show is casting for a boyfriend for Kurt. Hello, Hollywood, make this happen.

Dichen Lachman and Miracle Laurie on NCIS: Los Angeles

Forget boring old Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J — what TV needs is another pair of kick-ass female crime fighters. Think Cagney and Lacey for a new generation.

Vanessa Williams on American Idol

With Simon Cowell retiring after this season, there is an opening for a new head bitch in charge. Vanessa has both the singing background and, as Wilhelmina Slater, more than enough experience making grown men (and women) cry.

So, what do you think? Perfect casting? Where else would you like to see the casts of Dollhouse and Ugly Betty land?

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