“Studio 60” on the verge of cancellation?


Studio 60

NBC issued a press release this morning announcing that both Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and 30 Rock would be going on hiatus in March to make room for new series (The Black Donnellys and Andy Barker P.I., respectively). The release stated that 30 Rock would be back in April, but said Studio 60 “will return later this season on a date to be determined.”

Hmmm. Is this the beginning…er, the middle of the end for Studio 60? Entertainment Weekly‘s PopWatch blogger thinks so. I’m guessing NBC may wait to see how the new shows do before deciding. As much as I’ve been frustrated with the show at times, I really do hope it stays around, if for no other reason than to give me a weekly dose of Sarah Paulson. And I have to admit, I’m still a fan of Chandler Matthew Perry, too.

Oh, and 30 Rock? You better bring it back, NBC, or my bi-curious shoes are going to walk all over you.