BBC teases us with “Lip Service” and “Anne Lister”


Has network TV’s winter hiatus got you down? Well, BBC heard your whingeing from across the pond and decided you need a little titillation to cheer you up. Earlier this week, BBC dropped its first clip from the forthcoming lesbian mini-series, Lip Service, and they released a full-blown trailer for their spring drama lineup, which includes some footage from The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister.

I actually can’t decide which one to tease you with first. Lips or Lister? Lips or Lister? I think we’ll go with Lips.

In this clip, Tess (played by Fiona Button) tells her friends why she is absolute rubbish with women, while her flatmate, Cat (played by Laura Fraser), shows why she is rubbish with women.

Oh, Tess — I love you already.

“I can’t chat people up. I just do what most lesbians do: stare at women hungrily, and pray that somebody else will make the first move.”

You, too, Cat.

“Remember, call me in half an hour, and if she’s a moose I’ll make my excuses and leave.”

OK, now keep your eyes open and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Lip Service gals in BBC’s winter/spring drama trailer. (You won’t miss Anne Lister; trust me.)

“Are you sure it’s safe?”

“Alone, but the eyes of God.”

Um, also the eyes of Heather Hogan — and every lesbo at

Both Anne Lister and Lip Service will premiere this spring. The first on BBC Two, and the latter on BBC Three. We will have more extensive coverage of Lip Service from our Great LezBritain columnists coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks to BBC for the clips and Helen James Productions for always keeping us in the loop with happenings from the UK!

Are you excited about about Lip Service and The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister?

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