Newest “Glee” developments make us, you guessed it, gleeful


Is it April yet? More news leaks every week, almost every day, about the awesome new developments coming to Glee once it returns to the airwaves this spring. The latest tidbits? Jane Lynch is vogueing and Idina Menzel is snogging with Mr. Shu.

As we first reported last week, the newly engaged Ms. Lynch plans to wed her girlfriend Lara Embry in May. The couple made their public debut at the Golden Globes and were together again at last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Luckily Jane will have plenty of choreography to choose from for their first dance. The actress will sing and shoot a video to “Vogue” for the upcoming all-Madonna Glee episode.

First we learn Sue Sylvester will sing “Physical” with Oliva Newton-John and now this? It’s almost too much good stuff, almost. But wait – just like in those late-night infomercial –there’s more!

Last week Glee star Lea Michele tweeted that her doppelganger and Broadway icon Idina Menzel was shooting her highly-anticipated guest appearance on the show as the director of rival show choir Vocal Adrenaline. She has signed on to appear in all of the show’s nine remaining first season episodes.

But if you thought she would be New Directions director Will Schuester’s arch nemesis, you’d be wrong. She’ll be making time with Mr. Shu instead. Um, what? Series co-creator Brad Falchuk said the first scene she shot was “a big makeout scene [with Matt Morrison, who plays Will]. So it was interesting for her. It was like, welcome to the show.” I say again, um, what? Doesn’t Mr. Shu have enough girl problems without adding one more to the mix?

p.s. Mr. Shu, you dog!

And then come the rumors that other series co-creator Ryan Murphy is writing a role for Jennifer Lopez as — get this — a lunch lady and that How I Met Your Mother star (and anointed Gay Man of the Decade) Neil Patrick Harris is being courted for the show’s Joss Whedon-directed episode.

Well, don’t just stand there, let’s get to it — guest on Glee, there’s nothing to it. Hurry up, April. We’re waiting.

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