Sarah ousted from “Big Brother” in Italy, leaves Veronica behind


If there was ever a time I wanted to be Italian, it’s now. The relationship between Sarah and Veronica on the current Big Brother (Grande Fratello) in Italy is hot — at least that’s what it looks like to me!

While in the house, Sarah and Veronica shared a lot, from kisses to beds to feelings about one another. But last night, Sarah was voted out of the house, and she gave an exit interview that gives me pause.

According to the Google English translation of this article, Sarah said:

We say that the only difference is that in there feelings and emotions are magnified and seem everything and the opposite of everything. In my real life with my friends I always had this relationship so heartfelt, I always call my friends ‘love’, both with a friend who with a friend. I think it is too subtle a difference, and Veronica was the same thing. Compared to others, there was the added value of the physical fact. But it was only a need for affection, no sex. In there you realize that you have needs you never asked out and try to address this.

Both me and her we are heterosexual and our future is with a man. We thought of a happy family that we create for ourselves, made by mom, dad and children. We are not confused about this and if so we would have no problem saying so. First I who have no such prejudice.

Is she trying to say that she’s not interested in anything more than affection, and Veronica would do for the time being? I’m really hoping something was lost in translation, as her actions in the house seemed to prove she liked Veronica for a lot more than friendly companionship.

What do you think of Sarah’s statements? Italian viewers, is this accurate? Do you think Veronica feels the same way?

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