At least nobody has a neck tattoo


Bravo’s new series Top Design started last night. I enjoyed it, especially the presence of a couple of forty-somethings (even though one of them got sent home).

I’m glad Goil and Elizabeth won — he’s dorkily cute, and she seems smart and unpretentious. Except for the fact that she has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology.


The losing team probably lost because you shouldn’t try to steal Storm’s look:


And even without the X-Men factor, can you really trust a designer with a mullet?

Alexis Arquette was a great choice for the first “client.” This might turn out to be the queerest show on TV.


I do have one question: Who thought Todd Oldham would be a good host? His extreme gesturing and generally strange demeanor are distracting. I guess they can’t all be Tim Gunn.

Oh, and the “seeya later, decorators” thing (tossed out by judge Jonathan Adler at the end) was pretty lame. Somebody get this show a catchphrase, stat!

For more on Top Design, check out the AfterElton review and blog entry.

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