TV Alert: New “Damages” on the docket for tonight


She’s ba-ack!

Patty Hewes returns tonight, ready once again to teach us just how much corruption we will overlook when the corrupter happens to be played by Glenn Close.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Damages, which revolves around Patty’s firm Hewes and Associates, has been wonderfully wicked in its first two seasons and Season 3, which starts tonight on FX at 10 p.m. ET, promises more of the same.

*Slight spoilers ahead.*

As we told you a few months ago, this season stars Martin Short as Patty’s rival attorney Leonard Winstone. The character represents the Tobin family, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Bernie Madoff’s clan.

Like the Madoffs, the Tobins are under indictment for stealing billions of dollars in assets. Lily Tomlin plays Marilyn, the matriarch of the Tobin tribe who claims to know nothing about her husband Louis’ (Len Cariou) fraud.

Here’s the promotional video:

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The Madoff-like plot gives the actors built-in motivation for their characters. One of Close’s neighbors lost millions. Two of Tomlin’s writers were affected. “They’re very close to losing their apartment in New York and all the savings they had,” she told reporters. “People have been badly hurt.”

Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), Patty’s former protégé, has moved on this year — she’s now working for the district attorney and hasn’t spoken to her ex-boss for six months.

But Ellen can’t escape Patty quite that easily. Since the court appointed Hewes and Associates to take on the Tobins, Ellen finds herself in the middle of Patty’s world once again. And Patty no doubt will be doing her best to recruit Ellen back to the firm.

“Patty feels that what they [Patty and Ellen] went through together was pretty profound,” Close explains. “And that they make a very good team. She thinks Ellen must be very bored.”

Whatever the season brings, we can be sure that Damages will keep us guessing. And, from what reviewers and Close herself have said, Season 3 is the best so far.

“The script for the first episode for this season shocked me as much as the first episode of the series,” says Close. “The writers have really reached their stride. Fans won’t be disappointed.”

I can’t wait. Will you be watching Damages tonight?