Stars are pretty, witty and gay at the SAG Awards


You didn’t think I’d miss a chance to look at pretty women in pretty dressed, did you? The 16th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held Saturday night and the stars from TV and film gathered once again in all their finery to — oh, why am I still talking? Look, pretty.

Now, besides looking pretty Diane Kruger and the cast of Inglourious Basterds also left the SAG Awards winners for best cast performance — the show’s equivalent of best picture. Though no amount of awards will stop the film’s atrocious title spelling from making my eye twitch.

The awards honor the year’s best performances as voted on by the actors themselves. Mad Men and Glee won for best TV ensemble drama and comedy, respectively. Jane Lynch, in yet another lovely gown, gave the acceptance speech for the Gleeks. Meanwhile, I scanned the audience for a glimpse of her fiancé Lara Embry (she was there, but no on-camera kiss this time — bummer.)

The individual TV comedy honors went to Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Is it just me or is that statue being vaguely inappropriate with Tina. Hey, buddy, how about putting on some pants in the presence of a lady?

Several of the night’s winners mirrored the Golden Globes as Michael C. Hall and Julianna Margulies for TV drama leads, Kevin Bacon and Drew Barrymore for best TV movie leads, Christoph Waltz and Mo’Nique for best film supporting film actors.

For leading film actress, the showdown between Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock could foreshadow the Oscars race next month. Sandra took home the hardware this time. Her dress was somewhat less winning — a little too Golden Girls meets Ice Capades for my taste.

But given that earlier in the night Sandra presented the inimitable Betty White with a lifetime achievement award, perhaps she was working a theme. Speaking of Betty, if you missed her speech, you missed the highlight of the evening. Hilarious, humble and ever the horndog, she joked that she had “worked with quite a few [of you] … maybe had a couple — you know who you are.”

If I’m half as spry and sassy at 88 as Betty is, I’ll consider myself very lucky. Though the women of a certain age certainly represented at the awards. Helen Mirren (64) and Meryl Streep (60) both outshone many women half their ages.

Though, for variety, you couldn’t beat the presenting team of Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. Watching them on stage was like deciding what kind of restaurant to eat at for the evening. Should we have French, American, Spanish or vegan. What? How else can you explain Nicole’s hippy sundress?

So, did you have any SAG favorites? Or — even more fun — any least favorites? Discuss.

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