Sarah Paulson flashes back for “Grey’s Anatomy”


Grey’s Anatomy just got gayer. Out actress Sarah Paulson has signed on to appear in an upcoming episode as the younger version of Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother. Joining her will be Angel alum J. August Richards as the young Dr. Richard Webber.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode titled “Time Warp” will include flashbacks to 1982 to show the beginnings of years-long affair between Ellis and Richard. The episode will feature flashbacks to younger Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in her “pre-‘Nazi’ days” and Callie (Sara Ramirez) pre-Seattle Grace days. That would also be Callie pre-gay days. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Now, I’m happy anytime Sarah Paulson returns to my TV. She was the best thing about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in a cast of amazing actors. In particular I hope Sarah can show off a little of her amazing comic timing in the role. But Given Ellis’ tragic storyline it’s hard to see where laughs — let alone her amazing rendition of Dolphin Girl — might fit in. Her episode airs Feb. 18.

UPDATE: Hey, Grey’s just got even more gay. Women & Hollywood‘s Melissa Silverstein reports that out Desert Hearts director Donna Deitch was behind the camera for tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The episode is titled “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” and will apparently feature “some serious action with Callie and Arizona.” Me and Ow.

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