RachelWatch: The continuing crisis in Haiti


Today: Rachel looks at the problems in delivering aid to Haiti and responds to Jon Stewart’s slam.

Earthquake in Haiti

Rachel devoted another full show to the crisis in Haiti. She started off with an overview of the nightmarish problems with getting help to the people who need it.

Rachel looked at American sailors trying to give first aid and the bottleneck caused by the lack of infrastructure and a police presence on the island.

She voiced the frustrations of everyone as she asked NBC reporter Kerry Sanders why the problems in getting relief out hadn’t yet been surmounted.

Unmanned Humanitarian Recon

Rachel reported that a military spy drone that was intended for use in Afghanistan has been diverted to Haiti. The drone can take hundreds of pictures from the air each day. The photos will be used to help identify areas where the need for aid is greatest.

Earthquake in Haiti: Supply Line

In another immensely frustrating story about supply lines in Haiti, Rachel noted that the U.S. military has taken over control of Haiti’s airport, which is so overstrained that the Air Force was considering putting down aluminum matting to create more runways.

She also reported that there is one warehouse for supplies and no clear way of fanning them out and the cranes in Haiti’s seaport have been damaged.

Brigadier General David H Berger joined Rachel to talk about how the arrival of an amphibious team of Marines will help break open the bottleneck.

Earthquake in Haiti: SOS

Rachel took at efforts to help people find missing loved ones in Haiti, including the Red Cross registry and the New York Times website for posting photos of missing loved ones.

She then welcomed author Edwige Danticat to talk about the anguish of trying to find loved ones in Haiti and the need for long-term aid.

Earthquake in Haiti: A Survivor’s Story

Rachel spoke by phone with earthquake survivor Marie Michel about what she has seen in Haiti since the disaster.

Earthquake in Haiti: U.S. Response

Rachel talked about USAID’s role in coordinating disaster relief in Haiti and then responded to Jon Stewart’s swipe at her for bringing up the differences in how the Obama and Bush administrations have funded and used the organization.

I just want Mom and Dad to stop fighting.

Earthquake in Haiti: Star Power

To end on a heartening note, Rachel noted some of the celebrities who have donated their visibility and cash to the relief efforts.

Rachel talked to Olivia Wilde of House about Artists for Peace and Justice.