Surely there are more than 30 reasons


The Richmond Times-Dispatch offers “30 Reasons to Love ’30 Rock‘.” They cheat a little by making Alec Baldwin reasons 2–4, but they do have a point: The guy’s brilliant.

On a related note, I don’t know how I missed this, but I’m glad my DVR didn’t: Tina Fey was a guest host on The View last week. During the (interminable) “Hot Topics” segment, the ladies discussed Dick Cheney’s refusal to respond to a Focus on the Family comment about Mary Cheney‘s pregnancy. On the question of whether the personal is political, Fey said that if you have a family that consists of more than three people, you know someone who’s gay.

Tina Fey

And if you see more than three Tina Fey clips, you know you wish she were gay. And sitting on the couch next to you watching 30 Rock. Wait … my alternate universe just collapsed in on itself.

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