TV Land wants more from Betty White than reruns


I have recurring dreams about Betty White.

No, not those kinds of dreams. Betty just seems to show up a lot — in the elevator, at dinner, in a movie I’m filming. If, as dream interpretation books suggest, famous people represent the qualities you associate with them, then my dreams are full of awesome.

Soon, my waking hours may be full of awesome, too. TV Land just announced a new original comedy, Hot in Cleveland, with Betty White starring. And she’s just one of the veteran sitcom personalities in the show: Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time), Jane Leeves (Frasier) and Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) also star.

Hot revolves around three fortysomething BFFs from L.A. who get stranded in Ohio, then decide to stay because the local folks think they’re glamorous. Hey, it’s happened before.

White plays “a grumpy and opinionated lady who has lived in the cottage of the trio’s Cleveland house for 50 years.”

Sounds more than a little like another Betty White show, doesn’t it? Not that I mind. If it even comes close to Golden Girls, I will be one happy couch potato. And while we’re making comparisons, I totally can see Malick firing the kind of barbs at White that we haven’t heard since Dorothy Zbornak left Miami.

Hot in Cleveland comes from Sean Hayes’ (Will & Grace) production company and Suzanne Martin, who worked on Ellen, is writing the show, so we have reason to hope for a bit of LGBT sensibility in the story. I, for one, can’t wait to see it.

Are you as excited about Hot in Cleveland as I am?

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